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These Guidelines apply to mobile water monitors for the protection of on deck container stacks, in accordance with SOLAS regulation II-2/10.7.3. 


2.Principal requirements 

Monitors equipped with a coupling allowing connection to the ship’s fire hydrants by fire hoses.

The monitor capacity is 60 m3/h (1000 l/min), at the pressure required by SOLAS regulation II-2/10.7.3. 

Monitors allows swivelling of the discharge nozzle for adjusting and controlling the throw direction of water in both the horizontal and vertical planes, whilst in continuous operation. The vertical swivel range should be from 0° to 90°. External lubrication fittings should be provided for the swivel joints, if lubrication is required. 

Monitors be capable of a minimum horizontal throw of 40 m at an inlet pressure of 0.4 N/mm2, when discharging at a horizontal elevation of 30° to 35°.

Monitors provided with a carrying handle for easy of transport. Monitors weighing is 22 kg.