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Firetec has accompanied your development for many years, providing fire fighting and life saving equipment for marine area. However, each customer is unique, and our teams take your environment and your specific needs into account when accessing your risks. Our aim is to ensure that our equipment, systems and services offer the highest possible levels of performance and reliability.


Our guiding principle is not to give in to risks, but rather to concentrate on human safety, preserve your facilities and enable you to continue your business."


Firefighting equipment include fire extinguisher, fire hose, landing valve, jet spray branch pipe, hose coupling, fire cabinet and other spare parts for safety equipment. Life saving equipment include lifebuoys and life suits. Our products are widely used in hotels, plants, libraries, laboratories, ships, cars and so on. We establish close and friendly business relationship with many clients throughout the world. Over the past few years, We have become a leading company of fire protection and life saving equipments in China. Our products are exported to countries and regions around the world and enjoy good reputation among the users for their superior quality and competitive price. The products are produced strictly under ISO9002, in accordance with not only China National Standard, but also European Community’s certificate , American UL Standards and wheelmarked certificate. Our products are first-class in terms of technology and quality.


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