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FIRETEC company was established in Singapore in 2007. Since its foundation, we have actively provided fire safety systems and equipment to the marine and offshore markets. Our capabilities include standard engineering and design for safety systems, customized solutions, fabrication, installation, commissioning, and services like repairing, upgrading and conversion, staffed by competent engineers with extensive experiences from the shipbuilding industry and thru’ our global service network.

With continuous improvement over the years, we have developed a full range of fire extinguishing systems using a different range of extinguishing agents (CO2, clean agent, high and low expansion foam, dry chemical powder and water) to cover a whole range of applications. The systems are extensively and independently tested to ensure regulatory compliance.

Throughout the years we’ve also developed our quality management system to ensure a non compromising approach to our product qualities, quality is critical to fire and safety products, through our quality system we ensure all the processes and procedure are thoroughly implemented and quality system always meet the latest global quality standard.

Firetec’s products and systems have been widely used in the shipbuilding industry for over 20 countries, together with fire alarms and electronic secure defense systems. With our global interest, professional and financial abilities, we are able to provide a complete solution for customers around the world. Our company mission is to be committed to providing a total solution of reliable fire and safety systems and equipment for the marine and offshore industry.

To achieve this, we strived for continuous improvement of our product quality and reliability, and to achieve a cost-effective solution to satisfy our customer’s needs, through our customer-centric approach, our know-how and experience in the safety field, as well as our competent employees, deliver safety and protections to our customer's assets and people.

We offer after-sales service through our service partners in Japan, Singapore, and China, at the same time we are also partnering with Viking Life Saving Equipment A/S to offer after-sales service globally for our systems and products. Through this global service network, we provide 24/7 service to our customers globally.


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