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Deck Foam Fire Fighting System 


The fixed foam system is for protection of main deck and is capable of the following:

The arrangements for providing foam are to be capable of delivering foam to the entire cargo tank deck area as well as into any cargo tank, the deck of which has been ruptured.

The system is to be capable of simple and rapid operation. The main control station for the system is to be suitably located outside of the cargo tank area, adjacent to the accommodation spaces and readily accessible and operable in the event of fire in the areas protected.


The system consists of the following components:

Foam liquid storage tank,which contains the required quantity of foam liquid.This is purely a storage tank and therefore is not a pressure vessel. There will be NO pressure build up in the tank during the system operation.Material GRP or Steel.

The tank is fitted with a pressure vacuum valve to relief and pressure of vacuum build up during filling and discharging.

A float type level gauge indicates the amount of foam in the tank top side.

Foam liquid pump to increase the pressure of the foam liquid higher than seawater pressure so that The foam liquid can be injected into the seawater.

Foam proportioner (balanced pressure type) for accurately mixing of foam liquid with seawater at the selected ratio (1-6%) or fixed 3%.

Pressure relief valve also acting as flow control valve to return additional foam liquid into the foam tank.

Foam monitors for discharging the foam mixture on the main deck area. The throwing length Of the foam monitors are dependent on parameters such as capacity and pressure and designed according to the dimensions of the actual protection area.

Hose reels with flexible hose and jet/foam nozzle to provide additional flexibility to direct to shadow areas.

As some of the foam liquids are corrosive, the piping system is of stainless steel and shall be flushed properly after use. For this purpose a flush line have been installed in between the water and the Foam line.

Each monitor is connected to the main water/foam line by separate branch pipes. This shall make impossible to isolate the water/foam line the section of piping that might have been ruptured.