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■ The latest micro-spray nozzle, the consumed water less

■ Selected the nozzle by advanced fluid dynamics design, simple structure

■ The approved equipments In accordance with international Maritime Organization (IMO) Maritime Safety Committee MSC/Circ.913 rules

■ Adopted low carbon steel pipe with cost-effective better, and installation conveniently

■ Electrical and mechanical equipment do not increase the protection requirements

■ The lowest maintenance costs

■ Low power consumption may be asked to choose a different power source

■ Adopted nozzles, control equipment and fire alarm systems produced by Firetec group, configuration perfect, reliable quality

■ Better and intuitive fire detection system

■ Simple, mechanical operations

■ Excellent cost performance, economic choices

Regulatory requirements

Firetec local marine water mist system is the local use fixed-pressure water mist fire extinguishing system for the protection of high fire inside the cabin objects or places. Accordance with IMO MSC/Circ.913 the provisions of the rules, Class A cabin in the ship should be installed in the local fixed-mist extinguishing system. the system should be equipped with automatic and manual double release function in the regular unattended engine room.


Requesting protection objects

Propelling main engine

Diesel generator





System technology overview

Firtec Marine Services Division is accordance with the IMO MSC/Circ.913 request for the development of water mist fire extinguishing system in the protecting high fire range, the advantages are as follows:

■ Patented nozzles require only 12 bar pressure

■ Light weight, high efficiency

■ For low power (standard for 5.5 kw)

■ Used fresh water

■ Without additional facilities

■ Simple and advanced technology system

■ The system can be changed as necessary in accordance with various different ships at the request of the cabin layout ─ increase or decrease the protection range, the nozzle configuration can be protected with the equipment as the best cover layout.

■ As long as the capacity of water tank is keeping supply water in 20 minutes request, water source can be supplied by fresh water from the vessel.

■ Firtec marine water mist system is based on a set of electric pumping systems installed in a hazardous area outside, with tubing (16 bar pressure) connecting all protected areas. The fire detection system can be used along the entire ship fire detection system.

■ Control methods: manual control or hand / automatic control



Apply advanced fluid dynamics to create beautiful, simple nozzle structure, in acoordance with the provisions of IMO rules, and exceed their requirements. Adopt Firetec professional software as the system design to use the hydraulic calculation for each nozzle, to protect the largest area of 16 m2 danger area .

■ When the high of installation is 1.0-3.5 m, the largest nozzle covers 4×4m

■ When the high of installation is 3.5-5.0 m, the largest nozzle covers 3.5×3.5m

■ When the high of installation is 5.0-10.0 m, the largest nozzle covers 3×3m



16 bar pressure galvanized low carbon steel pipe or equivalent material



■ Pump is an electric water pump

■ Water pumps and starting pump has been installed in the pedestal when out of factory

■ Pumping systems has been completed internal wiring and commissioning through the factory, pump start-up kit attach with external cable glands


Automatic detection method

■Using infrared flame detectors - the most advanced flame detector, high sensitivity, rapid response, low false alarm

■ Smoke and thermal combination of the compound detectors - high reliability, high sensitivity

■ Thermal detectors

■ Smoke Detector



■ External system interface

■ The fire alarm system interface - allows manual or automatic release with the release of pre-alarm function


Regional release valve

■ Regional release valve should be located in protected areas,

■ Regional release valve can choose manual or electric control

■ Regional release valve can be operated in site, but also can be in the protection of the region

■ Regional release valve from the water mist system can also control box operation



■ The system can be used in the protection region to operate the manual release buttons in site or install in the mist control box of fire control room to remote release

■ The system consists of additional fire detection controller for automatic release

■ Special sound and light alarm equipment are equipped in each protected areas

■ Active or passive output signals can be achieved such as the closure designated fan etc. additional features according to the user requests


Fixed spray fire-extinguishing systems are approved by Classes as follows



■ LR

■ GL


■ BV