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The storage tanks of LPG, LNG on board need to protect with dry powder fire extinguishing medium.

Powder extinguishing medium compared to other fire extinguishing medium, it will fight against this type of fire, more rapid and efficient.

Firetec design and manufacture the dry powder fire extinguishing system which is full compliance with SOLAS standards. And obtain the LRS, ABS, NK, and other major classification societies certification.

Dry powder system is consisted of dry powder cans, nitrogen bottles, release systems, as well as releasing powder gun of powder, connecting hoses and other equipment. Powder cans include the pressure switches and pressure control valve to keep the pressure, the top bottle valve can be configured, The area valve can choose releasing area. Powder extinguishing medium faced hot air at more than 70℃ which is going to? decompose out water vapor and CO2, so as to achieve effective fire extinguish.

■ Fast, efficient fire fighting capabilities

■ Insulating properties of powder medium make it suitable for high-voltage objects fire

■ Simple structure, more convenient for installation

■ Harmless to the human body, un-injury to the equipment and buildings

■ In the fire-fighting, it will not cause environmental temperature changes

■ The long dry durability, low cost

■ Effective fight against all types of fires.

■ Approval: MED B+D