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CO2 is the most common extinguishing media, low-cost, widespread, it adopted the content of oxygen in the air to decrease a certain extent to achieve the effect of fire extinguish, the oxygen concentration of 21 per cent of common reduce to 15 percent below.

 CO2 system includes:

■  Cylinder

■  CO2storage

■  Bottle hose

■  Divided area valve, release valve, testing valve

Although CO2 has more applications, but marine systems commonly use the form of immersion.

The system solutions of Firetec fire is calculated and prepared for the users:

In the requested time, the gas concentration in the protection area will be upgraded on fire-fighting requirements.


Local application

CO2 can be released into the enclosed space to meet fire-fighting effect, the surface of the object and the internal fire of object have a good fire-fighting effects. Applications include:

■  Cargo hold

■  Cabin

■  Separating oil cabin

■  Pump cabin


Typical applications