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The severity of fire in the cargo area of container vessels is well known by now.  Sad examples in the past are "HANJIN PENNSYLVANIA“ (4,000 TEU, fire on 11 November 2002, two fatalities, constructive total loss);  "HYUNDAI FORTUNE“ (5,551 TEU, fire on 21 March 2006); "MSC FLAMINIA“ (6,732 TEU, fire on 14 July 2012, three fatalities and two seriously injured, constructive total loss), and recently "MAERSK HONAM“ (15,262 TEU, fire on 6 March 2018, five fatalities) as well as "YANTIAN EXPRESS“ (7,510 TEU, fire on 3 January 2019).  The situation happened despite the amendment of SOLAS Regulation II-2/10 in 2014 (Resolution MSC.365(93), where additional equipment of container vessels with mobile water monitors and at least one water mist lance has been made mandatory for new buildings from 1 January 2016 onward.   In response to these accidents, DNVGL proposed FCS(FF) as a class notation aimed to enhance on Deck Cargo Fixed Fire Fighting System.  Therefore, Firetec developed its fixed water monitor system.