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FMX widely used in the fire detection and alarm systems, consistent with BSENISO9001 / 2, EN54, SOLAS and major classification societies and the relevant stipulated standard. A large number of different types of detectors and modules FMX system can be widely used in conventional vessel to large passenger ships and other vessels as well as oil drilling platform.


FMX systems of modular Design meet the economic needs from small ships to large ships complex function needs of fire detection system, the system can be divided into 240 areas in all large range via software installation in order to reduce the installation cost of expensive system, the FMX fire alarm detection loop control system use FM digital transmission technology to overcome the imitating signal in the process of transmission susceptible to interference distortion resulting mis-alarm defect. In the same line of capacity inductance will be a longer loop, each with 250 loop detector, it can reduce installation and construction costs, to meet requirement not to increase 24 V power supply circuit in the future where can be additional equipment, and can use the power directly from the bus loop. Open network topology allows more freely design and more convenient upgrade existing old fire alarm system, without expending very expensive costs to purchase equipment and laying cables.


FMX control panel

FMX is an intelligent addressable fire control system, provide a network and provide 396 loops detection. Each FMX controller supports eight loops, connecting 1000 addressable devices such as detectors, manual alarm on the button and modules. Controllers have two options with cast aluminum and stainless steel box, which is with the EN54: PT.2 standard user interface. ODM800 operation with the user interface modules, with 16×40-character liquid crystal display (LCD), digital keyboard and five special keys.

FT1200 control panel

FT1200 is the latest integrated marine and Europe as well as Asia design and manufacturing standards and developed non-traditional address fire alarm system controller, has been recognized by main classification societies, can be used in the detection of marine fire alarm system for the largest 32 District 640 points. This system can be distinguished manual alarm button and fire alarm of detectors, can be given corresponding feedback. Equipped with Firetec unique temperature compensated with the carbon monoxide detector can detect a fire very early and effectively reduce false alarms. Optional marine recognized general alarm and integrated output of navigational data logger effectively increase the system flexibility. FT1200 series also includes the centralized control console with compact four-loop control panels and special water mist control panel.

FT1200 repeater

MINERVA fully functional repeater is recognized EN54 accredited marine repeater with the optional power supply. The repeater is through bus connections in the main controller (RS485, from the 1200 m), which can provide exactly the same display and control functions (FT2000 up to connect seven sets of repeater, FT1200 up to connecting five sets of repeater) .

FMX composite detector

Unique carbon monoxide thermal detectors, provide an important early fire alarm. Compared with photoelectric smoke detectors, carbon monoxide is the first produced material when the fire takes place, the carbon monoxide in the air can quickly reach detectors, and then produced fire smoke can be to reached, and usually false alarm in site does not have carbon monoxide, therefore the carbon monoxide thermal detector can be evidently reduced the false alarms. The Carbon monoxide thermal detector as the latest technology has been gradually recognized by a number of countries of the world .

High-performance photoelectric smoke / thermal detectors for the rapid combustion as well as slow hidden fires have better reaction, and detector materials used are recycled environmental materials of reclaimed. Alarm detector with automatic detection chips, a signal from main engine can be automatically detected, but also through the operator panel can be individually detected manually, or through a modem for remote detection, defaced extent of the detectors can be read out by handheld devices in site, and can also be read from control panel. So that the operator at any time can understand the work situation of the equipment and timely gets ready for the maintenance plan.


Tri-band IR flame detector

■ Will not produce the false alarm on the black object

■ Un-suffered from the sun, welding, lightning and X-ray interference, completely solar blind

■ Embedded microprocessors

■ Protection Level: IP66/67, can be used outdoors

■ Long-distance detection: 50 metres from the flames of 0.1 square meters

■ Operating temperature range: -40 ℃ to 80 ℃

■ Exploration vision range: This type of 100 degrees; type of separate- explode 90 degrees

■ Meet EN54: PTl0 requirements, and approved by BASEEFA

■ Approved by FM, DMV and LRS


Major equipment

Marine fire control panel

■ Control panel for the traditional non-address fire alarm system

■ 32 Districts 640 largest detection points

■ Control panel for intelligent addressable fire alarm system

■ 8 loops, 1,000 detected points

■ 1500 input / output points

■ FMX-repeating optic disc

■ Multi-function LCD display


Digital address code modules

■ Address Code power monitoring module

■ Contacting input control module

■ Indoor manual alarm button

■ Outdoor waterproof manual alarm button

■ General detector interface module

■ Input / Output Module

■ Power loop drive alarm module

■ Micro Input Module

■ Relay Control Module

■ Alarm drive module


FMX detector

■ Address Code carbon monoxide sense-wet detectors

■ Address Code photoelectric smoke / thermal detectors

■ Address Code thermal detectors

■ Non-address photoelectric smoke detectors

■ Non-address carbon monoxide thermal detectors

■ Non-address thermal detectors


Other detectors

■ Flame detectors

■ Explosion proof flame detector

■ Fiber thermal detectors

■ Combustible gas detectors